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Smadav Antivirus Download For Windows- Smadav is a very popular antivirus used throughout the world, especially in Indonesia, this application is designed to detect viruses with a database that is always updated to keep devices such as flash disks and your computer from virus attacks that can erase data and also make your computer slow, In addition, this antivirus provides security for free and is also premium in finding viruses.

The latest feature enhancements and has been added in the whitelist with a new database that lists 144,800 secure applications, thus providing faster virus scanning capabilities and is also very effective in dealing with various viruses in the computer and also the flashdisk you use. -Smadav Antivirus Download For Windows- It is suitable for the main defense on your computer device to avoid damage to the laptop due to the high use of CPU from virus requests without you knowing.

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Besides that, it is also added with the ability to detect and clean the virus popular on USB Flashdisk, directly smadav find the virus in the Flasdisk device when it is first used, so it does not directly enter your computer. with this Smadav application provides security on your device. besides that, viruses also interfere and hide your data.

You can use the free one for direct use in maintaining your computer after that you also receive an offer message for Smadav Free users to upgrade to Smadav Pro. Smadav Antivirus Download For Windows at an affordable price for a long time. You can buy for a number of more PC or personal use. You can contact directly from the application and point to the account to buy Smadav.


  • to detect a virus when another device is connected to your computer or PC.
  • makes it easy to remove viruses with updated databases and exceptional scanning capabilities
  • help restore important files or documents hidden by viruses
  • the latest features of smadav are more and also very easy to use.
  • very popular because it has been tested in removing viruses on your PC, laptop and computer.
  • affordable prices so it is suitable for all people who need the latest smadav antivirus.

Advantages from manufacture:

This antivirus Most antiviruses cannot be installed with other antiviruses, because the antivirus is designed for primary protection on your computer. Unlike Smadav, Smadav is a type of antivirus that is designed as additional protection, so it is compatible and can run well even though there are other antiviruses on your computer, in this case Smadav functions as a second layer of defense. Smadav has its own way (behavior, heuristic, and whitelisting) in detecting and cleaning the virus so that it will further enhance security on the computer. Because the Smadav resource usage is very small, Smadav will not add weight to the performance of your computer in its use. So, with a combination of protection between Smadav and antivirus that has been installed on your computer will further strengthen your computer’s defense from viral infections.

Smadav Antivirus Download For Windows – update:

USB Flashdisk is one of the biggest media for distributing viruses. Smadav has special technology for the prevention of viruses that spread through USB Flashdisk. Smadav has quite a lot of signature viruses that infect flashdisks, and has the special ability to detect new viruses on a flashdisk even though they are not yet in the Smadav database. Not only prevention, Smadav is also able to clean viruses that infect and restore files that are hidden viruses on the USB Flashdisk

Smadav is very good to use for computers that are rarely or even not connected to the internet. Smadav does not need to update as often as other antiviruses. Smadav does not depend on the virus signature / database, but depends more on behavior, heuristic, and whitelisting detection techniques.

Smadav only uses very small computer resources. Most of the usage when Smadav is active only requires memory (below 5MB) and very small CPU usage (below 1%). With very small usage like this, Smadav will not affect or slow down your other work. And you can still install other antiviruses that can be coupled with Smadav to protect your computer.

Smadav Antivirus Download For Windows – Smadav pro and free are available Link:

Version: 18.5.2342
Size: 1,9Mb
Date Added: Agus 8, 2018
License: Freeware
Languages: Multi-languages
Publisher: Smadav Software
OS: Windows All

Download Smadav For Windows

Smadav Pro has many additional features that are not in Smadav Free, here are additional features that you will get on Smadav Pro: Automatic Updates Online, Tools Features in the Application, Anti-Ransomware Settings and Protection in Applications, Exceptions List, Change Display Size / Color, Admin Password, Profit Usage Permit, and New Features in the next priority versions will be added to Smadav Pro. Note: Smadav Free & Pro has the same detection capability. The difference is only in automatic update features and other additional features.

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